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Bob says what he means and means what he says!

By Tom & Eileen L.

In 2017 My husband and I were struck by Hurricane Irma, two days later we were hit by a semi-truck, my husband and I were losing all hope for the future! We were scared as to what would happen to us! We contact Chadwick & Chadwick, we had no expectations that he could bring us back to a hopeful state! He drove out to see us in the chaos that was going around us, he was very warm, and friendly! He made me and my husband a promise and treated us like we were part of his family! Not only was he our attorney but our therapist as well! He told us everything was going to be okay as it sure turned out to be more than just okay! He and his team will walk through hell to do right by his clients! Bob has done just that, he made a promise and he did not forget about that promise! This is just the type of person we had fighting for us! This is the type of person you’d want fighting for you! Bob says what he means and means what he says! He has given my husband and I a sense of restored hope! Thank You so very much Bob and your awesome team!

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