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Cruise Ship Injuries

Experienced Cruise Ship Injury and Accident Lawyers in Tampa, Florida metro area

Chadwick & Chadwick serves cruise ship passengers injury and accident claims in Tampa Bay, including Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando, Polk, Manatee counties and throughout west central Florida.

Most cruise lines lavish their passengers with the best and most they have to offer in a competitive travel industry that has grown more than 4,200% since 1970 when a half million vacationers took a cruise.

The annual passenger count for 2014 is forecasted to be 21.7 million – and growing. Many of these luxurious floating cities provide for more than 4,000 passengers in addition to a staff ratio that ranges from one crew member for two guests, to a pampering ratio of nearly one staffer to every guest.

Vacation dream turns to disaster

Though cruise line owners and ship staff are committed to passenger safety, injuries, crime and epidemic sickness still occur. Sometimes known only to the cruise line and sometimes page one news in every newspaper.

Though cruise injury law is a special and complex area, Chadwick & Chadwick, cruise ship injury attorneys, have successfully represented injured cruise passengers whose settlements have provided fair compensation.

Cruise guests from Tampa Bay, including Pasco, Polk, Hernando, Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee counties, rely on Chadwick & Chadwick with their injury and accident claims against negligent cruise ships.

When a cruise on board a magnificent liner turns from uninterrupted relaxation, entertainment, shopping or feasting to time of epidemic disease, negligent maintenance or sexual assault, you have a right to expect compensation.

Cruise ship injuries and accidents

Chadwick & Chadwick is experienced in handling a wide range of cruise ship passenger injury and accident claims occurring on and off cruise ships, including:

  • Slip and Fall injuries on damp or irregular surfaces, caused by ship management negligence
  • Accidents on cruise line-approved expeditions at ports of call
  • Sexual assaults or harassment, or rape on the ship by crew associates or other travelers
  • Accidents caused by intoxicated passengers or crew
  • Polluted food causing severe illness (salmonella, virus or gastrointestinal infections)
  • Medical malpractice or negligence caused by incompetent ship doctors or medical supplies

A cruise ship passenger who has suffered serious injury may be eligible to recover compensation for past or future medical charges, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages (past and future), and pain and suffering.

Call toll-free anytime, day or night 813-264-1500 to talk to a cruise ship injury attorney. Most cruise lines set a time limit within which injury claims must be filed. Don’t delay in contacting a cruise ship injury and accident lawyer.

Do you have questions?

Here are a few questions Chadwick & Chadwick are often asked:

  • How long do I have to file a claim against a cruise line?
  • Can I sue a cruise line for illness or getting sick?
  • Why do I need a Florida-based attorney?
  • What are my rights as a crew member?

Cruise ship injuries and claims are a part of Maritime Law that pertains to cruise ships only. While much of the general maritime law has general application to cruise ship matters, there are unique laws that apply only to cruise ships.

Your cruise ship injury attorney must be able to serve your specific accident needs, and legal skill to obtain the compensation you deserve according to the dictates of the various laws. To reach Chadwick & Chadwick, call 813-264-1500 now, knowing that time is of essence.

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