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Slip, Trip, and Fall

Experienced Premises Liability and Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Lawyers in the Tampa metro area

Chadwick & Chadwick serves Slip, Trip and Fall injuries in Tampa Bay, including Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando, Polk, Manatee counties and throughout central Florida.

Despite the many anecdotal, often comical, slip and fall cases you’ve heard about, these accidents should not be taken lightly. Falls are one of the most common sources for personal injury in the U.S. It is estimated that more than 1 million people suffer injury each year because of a fall, with approximately 20,000 falls ending fatally.

In every area – Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties – and in nearly every age group, slip and fall accidents account for more Emergency Room visits than any other type of injury. For the elderly population, suffering injury from a fall can seriously impact their quality of life and personal independence for the rest of their life.

Types of Slip, Trip and Fall Injury

Four types of slip, trip, fall injuries – all equally severe.

  • Trip and Fall: Caused by an object in a normally clear walkway, such as a box in the aisle of a store.
  • Slip and Fall: When a surface is left greasy, wet, or icy with no indication of its hazardous condition.
  • Step and Fall: Caused by stepping into an unanticipated hole in the ground, such as an uncovered manhole or a broken stair.
  • Stump and Fall: When a dangerous obstruction is placed in a passageway, such as a jutting paver stone in a sidewalk or a door jam that is higher than the surrounding floor.

These accidents may happen anywhere – at home, or in any public or private setting. Virtually every place you go there may be hazards to cause a fall.

  • In a supermarket, shopping mall, or restaurant
  • In an office building, office park, lobby, elevator or building’s common area
  • On any surface with unsuspected items or debris
  • In any area where an object was negligently left
  • On a stairway, sidewalk or carpet
  • At a work premise, resort or a parking lot

So, who’s to blame?

Slip and fall type accidents come under a section of law known as Premises Liability. Under this law, property owners and managers are required to keep their land buildings and premises in reasonably safe condition for others. It is the property owner’s duty to warn visitors, workers or patrons of dangerous conditions. If through negligence their property would cause you harm, injury, or even a wrongful death, they are subject to legal consequences.

Of course, negligence needs to be established in slip, trip, and fall cases to show that the owner or maintainer failed to keep their property reasonably safe for others.

You may see hazardous conditions due to negligence every day.

  • Inadequate lighting in stairway or parking lot
  • Faulty step or stair railing
  • An area under construction without the proper warning signs
  • Loose floorboard, carpeting or floor mats
  • Uneven pavement or sidewalk
  • Liquid or debris on a restaurant floor, store aisle or public restroom

While a slip and fall accident may seem less serious than other personal injury accidents, the pain, medical expenses, and recovery time can lay a huge emotional and financial toll on you.

What to do if you are hurt in a fall

If you have been injured, it is advisable to write down the names of witnesses, such as employees or staff on the premises who helped you. Get a copy of any accident report, if one exists. Sign nothing, say nothing and do not accept a quick insurance settlement without being advised of your rights first. Call 813-264-1500 for advice.

It is important that you contact our Tampa Bay slip and fall Chadwick & Chadwick right away so we may examine the accident site and any key evidence, and begin establishing possible negligence.

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