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Admiralty & Maritime Law

Experienced Maritime Law Attorneys in Tampa and six west central counties around Tampa Bay

Florida maritime attorneys Chadwick & Chadwick represent working seamen, recreational boaters, cruise passengers, longshore and harbor workers, sport and commercial fishermen, offshore oil and gas workers, and others injured or killed on the high seas, coastal waterways, or inland navigable waters of Florida, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

Maritime Law

Maritime Law is derived from cases that have been decided by courts over a long period of time. Where most laws are statutes passed into law by Congress, Maritime Law is based upon centuries old fundamental principles. There is no “statute” which fully explains all of the details of Maritime Law. Instead, cases must be studied in order to gain an understanding of maritime law today.

Maritime law applies to any injury that occurs on navigable waterways. This includes all of the traditional large bodies of water, such as the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the rivers and lakes of the United States. It also includes small recreational lakes, as long as vessels are capable of navigating on such bodies of water.

Maritime Personal Injury

Maritime personal injury cases are controlled by a wide range of state and federal regulations. The laws which are applicable to any particular case will depend upon where the injury took place, whether the injured person was a member of the crew and, if so, the nature of the employment, and an analysis of the insurance coverage that may be available.

Whether you were injured on a neighbor’s sailboat, a jet ski, a power boat, an excursion boat, or any other watercraft you may have the right to recover financial compensation for damages caused by negligence.

Maritime Wrongful Death

If you are the personal representative, surviving spouse, parent, or dependent relative of someone who has died at sea or near a body of water, you might consider a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages for your loved one’s fatal accident.

Because maritime wrongful death law is a patchwork of federal statutes, regulations, and state laws, it is advisable to seek legal expertise from professionals who are experienced in maritime wrongful death cases.

Chadwick & Chadwick attorneys, with offices throughout Tampa Bay, have helped families who have suffered this ultimate loss. You may evaluate your legal options when you’re ready to discuss them with our maritime wrongful death lawyers. Call toll-free, 813-264-1500, day or night.

Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA)

This law regulates the compensation of dependents of those who died a wrongful death while working on a vessel while it was three or more nautical miles off the coast of any American State or U.S. Territory.

Damages under DOHSA are limited to the monetary loss only of the eligible survivors. No recovery is allowed for loss of society, love and affection, companionship or for mental anguish. Chadwick & Chadwick advise careful assessment of the possible of DOHSA compensation.

Jones Act

The U.S. Congress passed the Jones Act in 1920 to allow injured seamen or their survivors to recover compensation from their employers. This legislation recognized the dangers of working offshore and provided a measure of security for injured sailors by permitting them to seek legal action against employers for damages in federal court.

Injured officers and crew members working aboard ships, boats and other types of vessels on navigable waters are entitled to compensation for lost wages from the time of the injury, medical expenses, pain, suffering, mental anguish and disfigurement. If negligence or the unseaworthiness of the vessel caused your injury, please call Chadwick & Chadwick, maritime attorneys.

Why Contact a Jones Act Lawyer

Ship owners and employers know the law. And so do their lawyers and investigators who are prepared to protect their interests.

If you or a loved one has been injured, become ill, or has succumbed to wrongful death which are in any way related to work on a vessel or watercraft, you may be eligible for compensation under the Jones Act. If this is the case, you need an experienced Jones Act attorney on your side. Call Chadwick & Chadwick, 813-264-1500. You may arrange a no-obligation consultation.

Recreational Boating

In recent decades, great pressure has been placed on traditional maritime law by the dramatic increase in recreational boating, such as yachts, cruise ships, tour and charter boats, jet skis, scuba diving and snorkeling.

As a result there are many uncertainties where laws developed to regulate commercial ships are being molded to fit the facts of small private pleasure boats and watercraft sports. A fascinating maritime story is now being written in courts throughout our nation, in sometimes highly unpredictable ways.

Chadwick & Chadwick affirms that there is no substitute for legal research and investigation by professional counsel on the known facts of your specific situation. Contact our Florida maritime attorneys today.

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