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Legal Process

Gather Information

The beginning of any process, gathering basic information pertaining to your case. Chadwick & Chadwick wants to be your Legal Counsel and to represent you we need to know what you know so we can understand your case and begin the process of healing or restoring what you may have lost. It is here we will begin to uncover the details of what you have suffered or what situation you may be dealing with and begin understanding of how Chadwick & Chadwick may be able to represent you in this trying time. Once we understand what you are dealing with we can begin to advise you of next steps.

Your case information may have been submitted to our office already, If you have not submitted your case report, please do so here.


Advise Our client…you!

An injury lawyer at Chadwick & Chadwick can help clients be treated fairly in compliance with our Florida system of civil justice. In some cases, it may be the best decision of our client to have their case tried by a trial jury. We want you to speak with one of our experienced attorneys at Chadwick & Chadwick about your case. We can explain your options and protect your rights and interests. It is our main focus to advise our clients in the best possible direction for the best possible outcome. Our sole attention is sharply focused on the client involved in the case and our advice to our clients will show that.


Build Your Case

Before any suit is filed, your attorney needs to obtain the available facts. Accident reports and medical records need to be collected. Relevant photographs need to be obtained or taken if it is not too late. In a medical case, your records will be sent to one or more physicians who agree to review the matter to determine whether there was medical negligence, or to determine the cause of your injury. After gathering this information and speaking with the potential expert witnesses, suit is ready to be filed.


Settle Your Case

In some cases, it is worthwhile trying to settle with the other side’s insurer before suit is filed. This may not be the best approach in medical malpractice or other professional negligence cases but there are exceptions. A settlement, as well as dealing with the dispute between the parties is a contract between those parties, and is one possible (and common) result when parties sue (or contemplate so doing) each other or in dealings with an insurance provider for the other party. Chadwick & Chadwick may seek out a settlement, if possible to end any dispute between your case and the other party or Insurance company without going to trial.


Go to Trial

A lawsuit begins by filing a Complaint with the court. The court then issues paperwork, which your attorney delivers to the other parties in the case. The other side usually has thirty (30) days to respond to the lawsuit by filing a document called an Answer. After discovery, if the case does not settle at mediation, the Court will set your case for trial. Trial can take anywhere from a day or two in smaller cases to multiple weeks in a complicated case. You will need to be present. The trial usually goes from morning until evening until it is finished. Typically the trial will be before a judge and jury, although in some cases there is no jury.


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