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Real Clients, Real Stories, Real Testimonials

Many of our clients have a testimonial, their story about how Chadwick & Chadwick helped them get back their lives and back to work quickly after an accident.

“Glad I went with a "Fighting Attorney"!”

Bob, I wanted you to know how very much I appreciate all your hard work & determination in obtaining a successful settlement! Glad I went with a "Fighting Attorney"!!! Take Care

Kathleen B.

“He cares about people!”

This Guy right here? He has taken care of my family for as long as I can remember! He makes the time to check up on me and hold me accountable for the not so perfect stuff I do. He is a normal person like me and you. He cares about people! He treats his clients like family.

Travis D.

“Bob says what he means and means what he says!”

In 2017 My husband and I were struck by Hurricane Irma, two days later we were hit by a semi-truck, my husband and I were losing all hope for the future! We were scared as to what would happen to us! We contact Chadwick & Chadwick, we had no expectations that he could bring us back to a hopeful state! He drove out to see us in the chaos that was going around us, he was very warm, and friendly! He made me and my husband a promise and treated us like we were part of his family! Not only was he our attorney but our therapist as well! He told us everything was going to be okay as it sure turned out to be more than just okay! He and his team will walk through hell to do right by his clients! Bob has done just that, he made a promise and he did not forget about that promise! This is just the type of person we had fighting for us! This is the type of person you'd want fighting for you! Bob says what he means and means what he says! He has given my husband and I a sense of restored hope! Thank You so very much Bob and your awesome team!

Tom & Eileen L.

“Bless you sir”

WOW... thank you for everything. You have given me my life back! Looking forward to meeting again to pick up the check and shake your hand. Bless you sir.

Cody W.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart”

I find myself having to thank someone in a profession that does not receive much praise. Bob went over and above the call of duty for and my case. I had spent 3 years trying to my case and even at the end, it seemed almost hopeless, Enter Bob Chadwick. He pushed me to get more information and testing, and with that, we went to court. Low and behold we were successful and the results are that it will completely change my life. It is refreshing to know that people like Bob exist. He did not want me to lie or go against my beliefs; such honesty is to be revered in this day and age. every other attorney that I have had in my life has let me down but not Bob. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Chirs H.

“They secured my settlement in a prompt manner”

I was treated like family. Bob cares about his clients. I actually was able to speak to my attorney whenever I had a question. I even had Bob's personal cell phone number. They go above and beyond what they had to do. They secured my settlement in a prompt manner. I had an automobile accident with neck and right shoulder injury. I had right shoulder surgery. Settled for the full policy limits of $100,000.00 plus the full policy limits of my underinsured motorist of $15,000.00.

Karl O.

“I'm treated with the utmost respect and concern”

More than a Chadwick & Chadwick...

I've been a client of Chadwick & Chadwick since 1995 after a work related injury, and I can honestly state that the kindness, caring, compassion and professionalism of the entire staff has been my umbilicus to sanity. Like most, I was well aware of the horror stories out there regarding attorneys that never return calls, etc., but promptness and efficiency has always prevailed while dealing with Mr. Chadwick, Mrs. Fedewa, Cindy and all the other top notched office staff. Answers to my questions have always been explained thoroughly and completely and with the "patience of Jobe". Filings with the court and/or opposing counsel are done swiftly as issues arise and are followed through while keeping me informed all the while. Never have I felt pressured to settle my case, and, when I contact the office of Chadwick & Chadwick, after being a client for 18 years, I'm treated with the utmost respect and concern. Considering the fact that the attorneys don't receive compensation until my case is settled...need I say more??!! If you're "sitting on the fence" regarding an attorney, please don't! One must absolutely choose carefully, but if the need is there, or potentially there, time is of the essence. Bob Chadwick, Jill Fedewa, and their wonderful staff have shown me many times over that they really care and I'd recommend them to anyone. They're more than a Chadwick & Chadwick, they become family. Thank you, Bob, Jill, Cindy and staff! Settled for $750,000.00.

Glynis C.

“Professional, knowledgeable and he cares”

Professional, knowledgeable and he cares. I was treated like family.

Christine S.

“Treated me like family”

Mr. Chadwick and his staff are caring, efficient and treated me like family. I was not disappointed. They held my hand throughout and treated me like I was their brother.

John M.

“The settlement was very generous I recommend Robert Chadwick to all my friends”

I was a patient in a hospital when a nurse spilled a liquid IV on the floor. She never told me. I came out of the bathroom and slipped on the spill suffering significant knee injuries. The nurse told me everything would be taken care of however the hospital refused to pay my medical bills. I had no medical insurance. I contacted attorney Robert Chadwick who was able to get me a doctor to treat me who waited until the end of my case to be paid. Robert Chadwick then investigated the incident and located the evidence needed to secure a favorable result. The settlement was very generous I recommend Robert Chadwick to all my friends. He treated me like I was family.

Manual P.

“Throughout the process he was professional...”

I was in my first auto accident when I called Bob Chadwick. In the accident I received neck and back injuries. They promptly secured a settlement from the negligent party for the maximum amount of his insurance. He then obtained an additional settlement from my own insurance company for uninsured motorist benefits. Throughout the process he was professional, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend Bob Chadwick to any other injured persons.

Patrick I.

“I would recommend Robert Chadwick to anyone”

When I was involved in an automobile accident I called Robert Chadwick. The insurance company for the at fault party attempted to prove that all my injuries were the result of a high school sports injury. Robert Chadwick went over and above and obtained all my prior medical records and even spoke with my high school doctors. He obtained statements from them indicating that my injuries were completely different than what I incurred in the automobile accident. As a result the insurance company settled with him for the full policy limits. I am very happy with the results of my settlement. I never expected to receive such a generous settlement. I would recommend Robert Chadwick to anyone that has been injured by another driver. My attorney treated me with respect and kept me apprised of my case throughout the entire process. Robert Chadwick is excellent attorney.

Joshua B.

“Keep up the good work”

I do have to say I have dealt more than a few law firms in my life, actually now my workers comp firm. I have had to push and prod and demand things be looked at or I did them myself to get the firms to even look into or move forward on certain issues, my case now is NO exception and I cannot help but feel that even though attorneys are hired by a client, the client is treated like a number on a file and deals are made to settle quick and move on, if any hard work is required the effort is NOT taken to make the situation right.( Not like on TV at ALL ). I was concerned at first when Mark mentioned he had a disability firm working for him because when he came to me and I started helping him I saw some of his decisions were not the best for him and his future. Then I started dealing with all of you at Chadwick & Chadwick and I see and hear that you all are TRULY concerned for the client as a human being and not just a case file number. I am so pleased and comforted to know that everyone at Chadwick & Chadwick work as a fluid unit and not divided and uninterested if a particular person is not involved in a case, because it seems you are ALL involved. Once again I thank you all for giving the just attention to my friend Mark and seeing him through this tough time not only with his current health but his broken marriage. At this time when he felt he was alone and not cared for, you all showed him he is worth time and effort. Mark has told me time and again how grateful he is to have C & A taking care of this matter. Attorney JILL is awesome and the rest of you second to none!! You guys are what the TV shows base their personal touch and tenacity on. I humbly would like to thank you again. God Bless you all, keep up the good work and if any of you ever need ANYTHING!!! at all please feel free to call me no matter how small the favor or time of day or night.

Chris C.

“I am very satisfied with the work that they did”

I had an auto accident over three years ago. I suffered many injuries due to the accident. I originally signed with a TV Chadwick & Chadwick. But after being with them for almost a year, I had made no progress in my case nor was I getting the medical treatment that I needed. I got tired of being just a number. A friend referred me to Robert so I decided to leave the TV Chadwick & Chadwick. Not only did I get the treatment that I needed, but Robert and Jill were able to get my case settled for an amount I was happy with. I am very satisfied with the work that they did and the help that I received from them.

Brooke S.
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